How to Hire Me

Why you are here

If you are reading this text – you probably sent me a job offer. I receive several dozen job offers each year so I am not able to go through all of them. I change my job rarely so I accept only the best offers. If you have a great proposal — we can talk.

What you should know

I work in a flexible way – I decide at what time I start and finish my work. I work remotely, with an option to come to the office. I work on high-end MacBook Pro (with the latest macOS installed). I expect that your job offer meets these criteria.

What I need to know

  1. Does your job offer meets above criteria (Mac, highly flexible work)?
  2. Why me?
  3. What is the company’s mission statement and values?
  4. Are you looking for an employee or a contractor?
  5. Do you offer medical and life insurance, retirement plan and stock options (if yes, please share the details)?
  6. What is your budget for this position (salary range)?

Please send the answers to: